After several years working as Spanish, Italian an German teacher, with more than 1000 hours experience, I have noticed how learning languages has changed over the years. I have started teaching Spanish 2001 in the Dominican Republic, later on in Düsseldorf 2003 and in Fuerteventura 2005/6.

After two years working in Italy and twelve years in Switzerland, I have moved in year 2020 to Bonn and started teaching Spanish, Italian and German as foreign languages in a renowned language school. Now, I have started the project JOMANUZA. An online language school which gives the flexibility you need to learn a new language, wherever you are and at much lower prices that you will find elsewhere.

Private Tuition

Do you need private tuition? You have just found what you are looking for!!!

With Jomanuza you will get personalized attention, from an experienced teacher, with more than thousand lessons in Spanish, Italian and German. Simply send me your homework via E-Mail and during the online lessons we will work on them together and solve any questions you might have. If you need help to prepare for exams, you can send me your school worksheets and I will send you personalized homework according to your needs via E-Mail. During the private online lessons I will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Sleep Well

70€ / Month

- 4 X Private online lessons
- 45 Minutes each lesson
- Homework support + Revision for exams
- Monthly bookable

Now or Never


- 3 X Private online lessons
- Ideally 3 weeks before exams
- Revision for exams
- Anytime bookable

Private tuition in: Spanish, German and Italian

Conversation Units

You already speak a foraign language fairly well and don´t want to forget what you have learned? The Vouchers for Conversation Units are the right choice for you! In small groups (maximum four people)you´ll have the opportunity to talk to like-minded people for 40 minutes. We´ll discuss different topics every week. Such as: On holidays, slang, idioms as well as current issues or about your personal interests.

Voucher: 40 Minutes per unit

- 4. Package 20€
- 8. Package 38€
- 12. Package 57€
- 16. Package 76€
- 20. Package 95€

Language Lessons

You would like to learn Spanish, Italian or German? You have just found what you are looking for!!!

You will no longer have to pay expensive langauge courses in advance! Let me help you learning a new language at your pace, whenever you want and wherever you are! After several years working as Spanish, Italian and German teacher, I have noticed how learning languages has changed over the years. Overnight you can find hundreds of language learning apps. However these apps cannot replace a personal teacher and 1 to 1 personalized sessions. Thanks to the technology available today, I have developed a learning concept to get the best of both worlds together. Technology: freedom to learn anytime and anywhere with a personalized approach in one. You will have a personalized learning plan, with exercises perfectly tuned to your needs, and matching audio files to learn and practice pronunciation simultaneously. You can additionally book your personalized 1 to 1 sessions with me, where we can work out any doubts you might have. You can make use of these sessions anytime you want, with great flexibility.

Personalized Exercices + Audios (to improve the pronunciation)

- 10€ / Month

Vouchers for language lessons Private 1 to 1 lessons online (45 Minutes each) Include: Exercises + Audios

- 4. Package 70€
- 8. Package 135€
- 12. Package 200€
- 16 Package 270€
- 20. Package 330€
Spanisch all levels, German as a foreign language, Italian as a foreign language


What makes JOMANUZA better than any language app?

With JOMANUZA you are not just one of many: since you can enjoy personal and individual attention!!! If you have any grammar questions, an app can do very little for you. And you won´t be able to use the app if you are offline. With JOMANUZA you will be able to clarfy all the doubts you might have during the private 1 to 1 lessons, or anytime via E-Mail, in your own language*.

*spanish, german, english or italian


If you need private lessons with an experienced and friendly teacher, just contact me and I will get in touch to you as soon as possible.

Phone: +4915785588617
WhatsApp: +4915785588617
Facebook: jomanuza